Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wholesale nail supply shops in los angeles

In a shopping center next to a Big Saver market & El Pollo Loco, cross street is Jackson St.

On a corner just before the 10 fwy

Hey everyone! So my first official post is going to be an FYI.  I live in the Los Angeles area and found  a goldmine that is not too far from me.  In the city of Rosemead  I have found 5 wholesale nail supply shops just a few minutes from each other.  I've visited all 5 and have found these 2 to be the best.  The first shop is called Tommy's Nail Supply although it says something different on the business card, it reads Tommy's Nail Supply on the storefront.  Best thing about both of these is that they are open to the public - no license necessary.  

Tommy's Nail Supply
So this shop's major brands are OPI, Essie, China Glaze & Color Club.  They also carry a TON of off brands as well as NYX makeup, nail art items & all the nail care essentials a wholesale would have.  The store is a little crowded since they are trying to fit as much as they can in a small space but it's worth a visit.

OPI - $5
Essie - $4
China Glaze - $3
Color Club - $3
Off Brands - $1-2

 I wouldn't suggest buying any nail art items - dried flowers, rhinestones, dotting tools etc. here, as you can get them significantly cheaper on e-bay or amazon.  They are open till 8-5 pm, Monday -Sunday.

Beauty Forum Inc.
This nail supply is 4-5 times larger than Tommy's Nail Supply.  Their major brands are OPI, Essie & Nubar. I didn't see any other brands aside from these three in the shop.  Good thing about these 3 brands is that they are known for NOT using "The Big Three" harmful substances most polish companies add into the formula.  The shop is spacious, open and organized.  They do not sell any makeup, however they do offer an awesome "half-off" bin.  They have discontinued, overstocked & passed collection polishes they offer from $1-3.  It's awesome!!

OPI - $6
Essie - $5.50
Nubar - $5
Sale Rack OPI - 5 FOR $20!!! and if you have a license, it's 7 FOR $20!!!!!
Sale Rack Essie & Nubar $1.50 - $3.00!!!!

These sale bins are HUGE.  I actually thought it was the normal racks. Some of the "old" collections are from the Spring 2012 collections since they are already promoting the Summer 2012 collections.  It's awesome!! Like a kid in a candy shoppe!!! They also carry matte top coats, nail foils & lots of new nail art kits that Tommy's Nail Supply doesn't carry. Another plus is the owner gives out samples.  I got an OPI Rapid Dry top coat I've been wanting to try out.

I could go on and on.  Both of these wholesale shops are great. I hope you found this helpful and if you have any information to add please add it in the comments or e-mail me and I can add it here. Thanks for visiting!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

welcome to my blog!

My name is Michelle.  I live in Los Angeles with my lovely husband and 2 beautiful sons.  For Lent this year I decided to give up my nasty habit of biting my nails.  I found that as long as my nails are painted pretty, I am less likely to bite them.  Aside from biting my nails, I love pretty colors.  I'm a firm believer that it's in women's genetic makeup to be mesmerized by bright, bold and beautiful colors.  It seems that every time I would visit my local beauty supply or drugstore and a pretty nail polish would catch my eye I would have to buy it.  Despite the state my nubs would be in, I NEEDED that nail polish.

Soooo... I began obsessively researching nail art and nail care products. I stumbled across some really great and informative blogs.  There is a whole world of nails out there that I knew nothing about but am extremely interested in.  It has become my new obsession.  With that said, I decided to start a blog of my own.  I would like to share new nail art ideas, polish swatches and products that I come across with everyone out there who is as enthusiastic about NAILS as I am. Thanks for stopping by!