Monday, June 11, 2012

Giveaway Update

 Hello everyone! Sorry for being M.I.A. this last week.  I signed my son up for school and had to prepare for a wedding on Friday.  The main reason I haven't posted pictures of the giveaway is that I had purchased some glass nail files as part of the giveaway, and my son lost them.  They are somewhere in my home but I've looked all week so I can finally take the photos to post up the giveaway and nothing.  He's 3 1/2 so trying to get him to tell me where they are is pointless.  Although it's cute when he tries :)  My husband just let me know the replacement files arrived today in the mail so the giveaway pictures will be up tonight.  It's a really great giveaway!! The 2 OPI nail polishes are gorgeous.  So gorgeous in fact that I bought double of each so that I can have one as well.  Again the giveaway includes, 2 OPI polishes that I will reveal tonight, 1 bottle of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat and a really cute glass nail file.  This giveaway is open to anyone who becomes a member in my blog forum.  To do this and become eligible for the giveaway all you have to is go to my page, on the left hand side click the blue "join this site" link and join.  That is all. So stop by tonight to take a peek at the OPI polishes.  I'm excited!!  Thanks for visiting!!

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