Sunday, September 2, 2012

NYC Hamptons Radiance Bronzer

I had to take a polish time out to share my other love - makeup! I found this gem at Target the other day for $2.60!!! Target is always having sales on N.Y.C. cosmetics.  This bronzer completely rivals my higher end bronzers.  In fact it gives the same effect as a Chanel highlighting blush - Reflex I bought a few months ago and has the same staying power as well.  This is a truly awesome buy.  Even at $4 which is the non-sale price it is still a great product for the price.  I have nothing negative to say about it.  In fact I've been to 3+ Target's looking for more of these for my sisters and they've been completely sold out for weeks now.  So if you get lucky and run into one of these, PICK IT UP!! You won't be sorry! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Thanks Michelle! The iphone takes way better pics than my camera lol. I've worn this every day since I picked it up. I have hardly any time for makeup so this and some mascara works good together.

  2. Nice! That came from your phone? I need a new phone mine takes poopie pictures. I don't really wear makeup because that requires me to look in the mirror. Lol! But seriously that's the reason and I have a greasy face. But I did get a BB cream, but it makes my complexion look a little off. Maybe this could help.

  3. Yeah took them with the iPhone. I reeeealy want a good camera with an interchangeable lens. So how is the BB cream working for you? I've been wanting to try it but I'm still kind of confused on what it does. This over BB cream would look nice.

  4. Hi their!

    I'm pretty new to your blog but i plan to stick around!

    Meera over at

    1. Hi Meera, I just joined your blog. Looks great! I like the idea of sharing recipes!!