Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Mascara EVER!

Hello! I just had to make a post.  It's been too long.  My family and I are in limbo right now.  We have moved out of our home and living with our parent's until we are out of escrow.  Which means all of my nail polishes are boxed up.  My plan was to have them accessible to me while we are in our transition, but because of our limited space I really have no where to set up and paint my nails.  In fact, I have to admit, I bit them all off because I've been so nervous with everything. Yup, yup, I am very ashamed of myself.  I was going strong since April of this year and it all came crashing down with our very stressful move.  And moving with my little guys does not make it any easier, but I love those monsters :)  Anyhow, I really wanted to share this with you.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for what seems like years now.  And there have been a couple I have really liked but they either dry out to quickly or flake.  Well I have found one that has not let me down so far.  There is no flaking, no dragging my lashes down, it's a very black formula and has a GREAT brush.  It's Benefit's "They're Real!".  I cannot say a bad thing about this mascara other than it is pricey.  My sister bought a kit from Sephora for $23 that came with a full and trial size mascara along with a couple other Benefit items (sorry I can't recall).  So she gave me the trial size and I fell in love!  The pictures above are literally 1 quick curl and 1 coat of the mascara.  Excuse my brow's from growing in :)

This formula kept my curl, darkened the lashes and didn't flake.  I will update with a close up picture of the brush, for now I'm using the Benefit picture.  It has a ball tip and the brush has separated rubber bristles.  I've always been skeptical of  rubber mascara brushes since trying a couple of really bad one's about 6 months ago.  The tip being being surrounded by rubber bristles is extremely helpful.  It helped to remove any clumping that may occur and separates nicely.  I also noticed that my brows were just as curled and dark at the end of the day as they were when I first applied my makeup.  Removal is easy as well, I used some Johnson's baby soap and it was off quickly with no under eye residue.  So I just wanted to share with you all my awesome experience.  Thanks for visiting!!


  1. I've heard so many good things about this mascara. Your lashes are pretty amazing!

    1. Thanks!! My lashes are very straight! I mean I am still amazed at this picture. I'm telling you it's the mascara lol. I've got to get to Sephora to pick up that kit if they still have it. I refuse to spend $23 on a mascara by itself lol. But if I can get 4 or 5 travel sized pieces as well as a full sized mascara in a kit, I'll feel a better about that purchase.

  2. I've always had sparse lashes and had to layer on mascara.. I tried lots of different things to make them look longer. A few months ago I tried Neulash and the results are fantastic. You can read up on it at I have thicker, fuller lashes and don't need nearly as much mascara.

  3. whoa your lashes look fab!! i keep hearing such great things about this mascara, i really want to try it :D

  4. Woow. Your lashes are super long:)
    I'm thinhing about buying this mascara.

  5. Hey! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for the details!

  6. Thanks!! They grow through crazy growth and fall out spurts lol. I'm in a good phase currently