Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: Loreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Day/Night Moisturizer

I soooo wanted to like these moisturizer.  I currently use the Loreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Eye Balm and I am so in love with it, which is why I wanted to try the face moisturizer.  So this moisturizer has only 1 real issue but it's a big one! Other than this one issue, it would be perfect for my type of skin.  I have normal/combination skin and on the dry side in the Winter months.  This was really easy to apply.  It went on smoothly and I felt with regular usage of the Olay Pro X, that it really soaked in to my skin BUT the smell was horrific!! I felt like I was putting mens cologne on my face.  I mean the odor took me back to high school, where I'd pass a sophomore who was wearing too much of an obnoxiously cheap cologne which would actually make me sick for a while after passing him.  I gave it a few tries.  I wore it for the first night and being as tired as I was, I didn't make too much of it and just passed out.  The next night, the smell just lingered.  It was really starting to bother me.  By the third night, I wasn't feeling too well and after showering and applying my night creams this was actually starting to make me a little nauseous.  I had to wash my face and go back to my good ole Olay 7 effects and Olay serum.  

I seriously cannot fathom why they would put that strong of a fragrance in a moisturizer.  I have always heard that moisturizers should be as plain as possible because any extra additives like fragrance,sheen or minute glitter pieces aren't good for the skin.  And why a fragrance that is similar to a cologne? No, I don't get it.  With  my Olay I usually get the non-fragrance version.  I have had to on occasion pick up the fragranced version because of low stock and my laziness on not wanting to drag my booty to another drug store or Target.  But the smell of the Olay with a fragrance was not off putting.  It was light and feminine and definitely did not linger.  So overall beside the odor of this moisturizer, I really liked the smooth consistency, easy application and size.  A 1.7 ounce jar will last a while as well as it was day and night.  They also offered an SPF 15 version.  I'm not sure if that is fragranced the same.  I do know that anything with an SPF already comes with a slight odor from the sunscreen but not off putting.  Well this was my review on the the Loreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Day/Night Moisturizer.  I hope you will find this helpful and thanks for visiting!!

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