Friday, August 31, 2012

Faux Water Marbling

I am a huge fan of water marbling only I can't do it myself.  I have tried many, many times and have been unsuccessful each time as well as left with a HUGE mess.  So after perusing the nail art blog world, I found many people utilizing this technique as an easy, clean alternative.  It's basically dabbing 3 or more colors on your nail and using a toothpick to drag through the polish leaving a marbling affect.  You just have to work quickly because as soon as the polish begins to dry it will start to get chunky and difficult to work with.  I like how it turned out for being my first time.  I maybe could have not done so many swirls so it looked more like a water marble but I still really like it.  Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Looks so psycadelic! I love it. I can't believe its a first try.
    I'd like to try it sometime but will probably get tooooo frustrated

    1. NOOO it's soooo easy! It literally took me seconds for each nail. It was so very simple. You have to try it. One tooth pick worked for all my nails and I used the 4 colors. By the way, I just joined your blog & I'm LOVING it!! Your manis are awesome!