Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is Influenster?

Okay so I know this is a blog about nails but I just couldn't keep this to myself.  A couple of months ago a friend introduced me to a website called Influenster.  It's a website that is basically a middle man for large companies.  They put together a box with anywhere from 4-7 sample and full size products for their members to survey and report back their thoughts on the products by way of post surveys.  So in order to find a demographic for a certain box with related sample products they have developed a variety of surveys which they call "badges".  Once you complete a survey, you are awarded that particular badge and if and when they assemble a box that relates to that badge, they will contact you to see if you would like to participate in that particular sample.  It's that easy.  And it's totally FREE!

When my friend explained this to me, I was like - nothing is free, but this really is.  Companies stand to profit from sending out samples so this is a win-win situation.  I filled out the application, took the badge surveys and was contacted for my first box about a month later.

Here is what the survey badges look like 

Here is a sample survey from the "Foodie" badge

Each survey takes about a minute or so to complete.  The questions are pretty general.  If you happen to fit the profile for the next sample box they send out, you'll be contacted to fill out a pre-survey.  They get a little more in depth with about 20 questions.  Once you reply, you'll receive your box within 2 weeks.  Once you receive your box, you check in with Influenster letting them know you have received your box.  They'll send a follow up e-mail about a week later with a post survey regarding the products you tested.  You take the survey regarding the products and what you liked/disliked and that is all.

I was sent the "Latina Beauty Box" the other day.  I'll take you through it:

This was everything in my box.  Great right?! I'm not sure why they called this the "Latina" beauty box.  I don't think any of the contents have anything to do with me being Latina.  I'm taking my post survey in a few days once I've had the chance to use every product.  One thing is that as of now Influenster does not ship internationally.  From what I have gathered from reading blogs and the Influenster Twitter is that they will start shipping to Canada by the end of this year.  Also it's one box per household even if there may be more than one qualifying Influenster member.  One more thing, at times Influenster sends out single items.  So there may be a survey where they only send out 1 cookie to sample.  I know they did this recently with a Quaker oatmeal cookie.  What you receive is random.  Hope you found this helpful and if you like free samples like me, go sign up.  Also before you go check out my giveaway page.  Just send a quick email with your favorite summer manicure attached to enter into the Summer Giveaway.   Thanks for visiting!!


  1. I nominated you for Liebster Blog Award, go to this link to follow the directions

  2. I joined! But it didn't like my iPad, so I have to finish getting badges on the pooter.

    1. Oh I know what you mean. It won't let me finish all the questions on the survey. But when I finally did it on the "pooter" (my son says it like that :) it was worth it. I know they're gearing up to send another one so I hope I get selected.

  3. Hi! I tagged you with the Liebster blog award. Please follow this link to my blogpost and answer the questions and keep this tag going :D


  4. nice!

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