Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nail Decals

Loreal "Versailles Romance"
Water Decals from KKCenterHK
These water decals remind me of the washable tattoo's I used to put everywhere when I was younger.  They were so very easy to use.  They come 20 to a sheet in 4 row's of 5. I cut out each individual flower and soaked it for about 10 seconds.  I then removed it from the water with tweezers and slid it off the paper onto my hand.  Next I picked it up from my hand with the tweezers and it applied it to my nail.  I made sure to pat it down until the decal is secured onto the nail then I went over it with a quick dry top coat.  This manicure went really quick.  These decals are pretty sturdy.  I accidentally folded one in half and was able to get it flat again with the tweezers.  I was sure it was going to rip but it didn't.  KKCenterHK has pages and pages of these, they are really cute.  It's an easy and quick way to get an awesome looking manicure.  Before you go check out my giveaway page.  Just send a quick email with your favorite summer manicure attached to enter into the Summer Giveaway.   Thanks for visiting!!