Monday, May 7, 2012

BEST Alternative to Cuticle Oil - Lanolin

I had these hidden gems in my house all this time and never knew it! I have extremely dry skin and cuticles.  Even after purchasing lotions with some really grand claims, my skin will be dry within the hour.  So I am that person that has lotion in the car, on my desk at work, purse, junk drawer at home etc... I need to have it always within reach, just like chapstick.  I breastfeed, so for me lanolin is my best friend.  This cream can literally heal me over night! It has tons of vitamins and agents that promote quick healing and bacteria growth prevention.  It's also extremely thick.  The explanation says that it speeds up healing and locks in moisture to prevent cracking and drying.  So I put some on my hands and cuticles.  It was definitely too thick to wear on my hands but perfect for my cuticles.  It runs from $7-$10 and the tube will last a while. 

I recently learned that I shouldn't be cutting my cuticles at all.  At a nail salon I used to frequent, this is the main part of a manicure.  They take the cuticle nippers and clip the entire cuticle off.  The nail does look neater for a day or two until the cuticle begins to grow back.  So I started reading up on it.  After doing some research it seems like with most things, cuticles are there for a reason - protection.  The cuticle is a layer of skin that basically grows from the skin at the base of the nail over on to the nail itself.  It protects the finger and nail from bacteria entering under the nail bed and causing an infection.  I started thinking to myself, WHY WOULD WE INTENTIONALLY BE CUTTING THESE OFF?? I can remember a couple of times after I would get a manicure, my nail bed would be sore and sometimes get red and a bit irritated. I usually never contributed it to the manicure I just got.  Now it all makes sense.

There are some products out there that help with keeping cuticles neat.  Cuticle edges do dry up and wind up flaking off for the new cuticle to come in.  I came across a product that helps to clean up this dry skin quickly.  So instead of cutting off your cuticle, just clean up the dry area.  Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover works wonders!The nail polish size bottle will last you forever and it works quickly.  I dab this on my nail and with an orange stick immediately start gently rubbing this into the cuticle.  It quickly begins to slough off the dead part of the cuticle.  I then wash it off and my nails and cuticles look neat and in tact.  So the protection remains.  I have found it the cheapest here at  It sells for $11.50 and shipping is $2.80.  I was put off at first because it is expensive for a cuticle remover, but it really does an awesome and fast job.

Once I complete my manicure, I slather on the lanolin cream.  My cuticles actually feel healthy with this on them.  There is no tightness or dry feeling, no scent and it isn't too greasy or thick feeling.  I do actually prefer the Medela brand to the Lasinoh brand.  It's a tad more pliable, but both work wonderfully.  Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. Thank you for this information. I'm trying to address very dry cuticles and nails and regular lotions and even butters never work.