Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gradient Nails

Jordana - Cabaret, ELF's - Berry Pink & NYC's - Lincoln Square
I'm a little mad that I can only put up one picture of my first time doing the gradient manicure.  I just couldn't get a good photo at all.  I think it was okay for my first time but I will definitely try again.  The gradient look is really easy to achieve, it's the prep that is time consuming.  After doing a couple of nails I realized that I really have to tape up the others because cuticle and finger cleanup was a nightmare.  I used 3 colors here and after researching a few other blogs I decided to go with Waky Laki's gradient method which is to paint directly on the sponge.  This I found to be easiest at the time because by moving the sponge up and down I can control the color distribution pretty well BUT I will definitely be trying another method.  It seems that after going over the same spot a couple of times to get the tip a deeper color, the sponge will dry up a bit and either begin to leave small pieces on the nail or take of small chunks of the already applied polish.  Next time I've decided to follow the tutorial that the Nailasaurus posted.  It looks like her method won't allow for the sponge to dry. Thanks for visiting!!

UPDATE:  I will be working on taking the photos of the new member giveaway prize this week.  It's a good one!!

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