Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow in the S-Kylie

I had planned on doing some nail art last night since I got some inspiration from a dress at the mall yesterday only I couldn't wait to use the polishes my dad and sister got me for mother's day.  It's so cute that my dad knows what all (5) of his daughters would like as gifts.  So I got Nicole for OPI - Rainbow in the S-Kylie and Love in your Life.  I put it over China Glaze's - Sexy Silhouette.  That color is my new favorite red-pink polish right now.  The camera does it no justice.  Actually the camera and my photography do neither color justice.  They are a really great combination.  Please excuse the horrible pixelation in these pictures.

Rainbow in the S-Kylie is so pretty, it's hard not to look at it.  It's shiny and packed with tons of all sized colorful glitter.  I would have put it on all my nails only at work I have to keep in mind to be semi-conservative so I stuck with just an accent nail.  It's a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's - Happy Birthday.  I actually like it better because of the different size glitters.  It gives a nice pop of color over the smaller pieces of glitter.  Love in your Life on the other hand is pretty to look at - in the bottle.  That color is horrible! There isn't enough hearts in the bottle and even if you give it a good shake or hold the bottle upside down, the brush still doesn't pick up more than maybe one or 2 hearts.  Application is a nightmare as well!  The brush will actually brush off whatever pieces of hearts make it on to the nail.  You would have to literally fish out the hearts and place them on your nail.  The color itself is too light.  It's almost just a clear polish with a hint of pink and glitter.  I exchanged it for a few other colors.  Thanks for visiting!!

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