Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Neon Sparkle

Sinful Colors "Dream On"

Orly Topcoat "Sec 'n' Dry"
My Giraffe manicure didn't last through dish washing last night.  So I had a moment and quickly did this manicure.  I had purchased Sinful Colors "Dream On" a while ago now and finally had time to try it.  First off, this color isn't the actual color.  It photographed as a pink however on my nails it is neon purple.  A dark neon purple actually.  The first photos were taken outside in the sunlight and the last picture is under the fluorescent lights at my desk. Can you believe the difference?! It looks totally different in the sunlight, very pink.  Again I apologize, my cuticles are a mess and my polish is streaky.  I have extremely dry skin and summer isn't even in full bloom yet as well as I didn't anticipate getting time to change my manicure so I tried to do it quickly in case my little one woke up.  Anyway it's a beautiful bright summery color and Sinful Colors is so inexpensive I couldn't go wrong.  Thanks for visiting!!

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